Vue Smart Table

  • New features and a 5 minute intro to Smart Table

  • Brexit popular Remain vs Leave table remade with vue-smart-table
    Hope you enjoy it :)

  • Hey,
    version 2.5 is out with a completely new engine and a filtering feature.
    Check out the new examples at

  • To celebrate Pokémon Go, I built a mini-pokedex with Vue Smart Table!

  • @gurghet , seems cool! But can you give a small explain on what problem is the component designed to solve, and what is the basic idea/concept you select when you design it?


  • Sure, but it's very simple. It's a table component that you can easily and quickly deploy everywhere with minimal development cost.

    Basically you can do a lot already with very few lines of code. If you continue developing your components will become bigger but that is not a big problem because Smart Table constrains you to develop in a modular fashion, so the resulting code is very maintainable. It's also very flexible and basically you can do most of the things you can do with regular Vue components.

    It's aimed more in enterprise contexts, probably in big applications with lots of complex tables, like backend control panels.

  • @gurghet Love this, and it's really promising. In your demos I see there's a couple different ways inline editing works (with input appearing at the top of page or modal, etc). I'm curious if you've ever experimented with in-cell inline editing, such that very basic data entry could be made a little more streamlined or editing many cells won't have to constantly interface with a modal.

  • @gurghet I'm curious if you have any plans for making this library 2.0 compatible?

  • Absence of server filtering means that you can't actually ask that table be presented with narrow subset of data? I imagine it's a noob question given all you have to do is just implement an inquiry method and then filter data for presentation, but what is the roadmap idea of it then?

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