Announcing Vue.js 2.0 public preview

  • @rekateka the compiler is not included by default, but you can include it in your webpack built of course.

  • I've always been a fan of partials and use them a lot in my project, so it's a bit hard to see them being deprecated. There is a new Render tag, but I can't see how this compares, what it is for? Can you explain the difference?

  • Is there any plan about the future 1.x version maintenance or will 2.x supersede it?

  • It's right at the end of the medium article:

    We are also not forgetting about 1.x! 1.1 will be released alongside 2.0 beta, with an extended support period of 6-month critical bug fixes and 9-month security updates. It will also ship with optional deprecation warnings to get you prepared for upgrading to 2.0. Stay tuned!

  • Thanks @LinusBorg, i should have noticed that :)

  • Hey everyone.. I tried to mess around with Vue 2.0 today and so far it's been very frustrating. :/

    Main reason is, inline-templates seem to be very buggy at the moment (nested nodes in v-if statements cause errors). Anyone else having problems?

  • Hi acasar,

    please open a new thread for support questions (this one is meant for discussion about the release, not individual issues), and include an example to reproduce the described behaviour.

    That said, templates in Vue 2.0 require a root element (without v-if / v-for on it), maybe that's the reason?

    General note: 2.0 is still in alpha stage ... problems are to be expected. report any bugs you come across on github.

  • @LinusBorg I just opened a github issue since it's very easy to reproduce:

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